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Learn how to communicate with your hound by teaching him the meaning of "good dog" or using clicker training.
To help your dog achieve self-control faster you can also try the above exercise when feeding him.Ask your dog to sit before you put the food bowl down. This exercise will prevent dog leash pulling by teaching him that staying close to you has its rewards!We will use the dog training method capturing. If your dog gets out of control and it is hard for you to even try the above exercises, read Dog Leash Training: Damage Control.Contact me if you have specific questions and contribute your tips below!Enjoy walks with your dog!
This is easy but it requires you to be patient and very consistent!You do not need treats for leash training your dog, the act of getting the leash on and going out will be the reward itself!
If at any point while bending to place the bowl on the floor your dog stands up, start over.

You are going to play "Red Light, Green Light" to teach your dog to stop pulling on the leash and walk nicely. These commands will be useful to work on dog leash training and they will make your walks in the park safer as well. Do not pull on the leash yourself!Step 2: Wait for your pet to look at you or loosen the tightness in the leash by walking towards you. If he gets crazy…you guessed it!…put the leash back and wait until he calms down again.Repeat the above steps until your dog gives up, gets too tired to jump anymore or learns that if he is sitting down the leash will get attached to his collar and you two will go outside.
Because you will be competing against difficult distractions (other dogs, cats, squirrels, people, cars, etc). Read them all before you start!If your pet is completely out of control read our Damage Control article as well as Dog Walking Tips.

Step 4: When your dog starts to come close to you more often, you can cut down the treats, only reward (randomly) a few of his approaches and ignore others.
And you need patience, lots of it!Repeat this every time you go out with your dog and he will learn to sit before his leash is attached.

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