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So your adolescent male puppy has started to lift his leg to urinate or perhaps your house trained canine has all of a sudden started urinating in the house again.
When it comes to male dogs around 6-12 months of age, hormonal changes can spike the desire to territory mark.
Like many canine behaviours, the male dog is protecting his pack from intruders - specifically other canines. I've had a lot of foster dogs to housetrain recently and I also happened to have a few dog diapers around for product testing. Generally, dog trainers recommend diapers only for incontinent dogs or dogs in heat and not for housetraining.
I have a dog that has to wear a male wrap almost always because he constantly pees on everything.

That's why some male dogs will start marking at the addition of a new family member, either the two or four legged variety. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have as there are many myths about male desexing and on the other hand many significant benefits.
It is believed that desexing before adolescence and sexual maturity can prevent inappropriate urination in over 60% of male dogs. However, I've found that the dog diaper can be a really helpful aid if used as part of a complete housetraining program for certain dogs.
I want to train them how to pee in one spot using a training diaper and then I want to be able to train them to pee on command. I used their residue pee to place on the training pad so they could make out the scent on the pad and pee it on it but instead they are straying away.

Thank YouFor those who jumped the gun,I don't mean for the dogs to pee inside the house but I want to take one step at a time first I want to be able to train them to use the training diapers to pee then slowly I want to take them outside and train them how to pee on command then from there on they can urinate outdoor. I never said to wear diapers on them, I meant a training diaper pad if you read the description.Thank You!

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