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Well, today we’re going to show you how to train him the lazy way, and get results every time with some basic dog training tips. So, say your dog’s name in a moderate voice without shouting, and if he looks at you say something like “Good!” as praise and reward him with a treat. When this exercise has been repeated successfully several times we can make it harder by getting the dog to pay attention for longer, maybe 15 seconds before praising and giving a reward.

If your dog approaches you in an effort to see where you are hiding any treats it’s best just to ignore him. Calling your dog’s name and getting a response quickly and every time is the 1st stage in getting your dog to do almost anything, as once you have his attention you can move onto the next step in your dog’s training.
From feeding time to going out for walks use your dog’s name on every occasion, but remember to be sparing with the treats, and eventually try to cut them down to a minimum as a special reward.

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