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If your dog does have an accident in the house, be sure you clean the area with something specially designed for the purpose, such as Citra-Solv or Simple Solution, so that you completely eliminate the smell. If your dog does and you catch him in the act interrupt him by clapping loudly and then calmly lead him outside. Show him where his bathroom is, tell him to “go pee” and reward him with praise and treats when he goes in the right spot.
If it isn’t possible for you to get your dog outside frequently enough to prevent accidents, you might want to buy indoor bathroom pads or boxes so your dog can have a legitimate potty spot.

Remember, dogs want to keep their dens clean, but what constitutes the den to your dog is limited to the areas where you sleep or hang out.
Dogs who potty in rooms you rarely use, such as the formal dining room or the living room, are trying to be polite.
Dogs do not understand the concept that something they did earlier is what you are upset about currently.
Or, keep your dog close to you, in a crate, or in an exercise pen until the housebreaking problem is resolved.

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