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In order to stop our dogs from having separation anxiety, we first need to understand what is causing it. Since it is not natural for a pack animal to be left alone, this can also occur in a submissive dog that does see you as the leader, but that is not completely secure within his pack or a dog that has not learned how to handle being alone.
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When you come back, do some other things first, like taking off your coat and putting the groceries away, before you greet the dog. You may still want to crate your dogs while you are gone, however having the crates close to one another can ease your dogs’ tension, as they will not be alone.

Peeking through a window or setting up a camcorder or two will help you find out who the perpetrator(s) are. When you leave, it intensifies her stress and she acts out because she does not know what else to do with this built-up energy. Saying goodbye to a dog is something that helps the human deal with the separation, but in reality the ritual of saying goodbye means nothing to the dog.
If you successfully position yourself as the pack leader to the first dog, he will help you teach the second one the house rules. Sometimes it is just a small thing that makes the difference with controlling this problem.

If you do not understand the instincts of the dog and his pack members, the articles on this page Understanding Dog Behavior will give you a better idea of how your dog instinctively thinks.
When a dog walks with her mind focused on her owner, she releases both physical and mental energy. This too, although it does not happen often, is separation anxiety because it only happens when we leave the house.

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