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Pit bulls have a reputation as brutal fighting dogs that attack without warning, and it is completely unfair. The graphic below looks at the history of pit bulls and how their reputation has changed since the late 1800s because of how humans have bred and trained them. They are sick individuals & I would love to see these sickos take their last gasp of air,scum bags all they are.
Dogs ,all animals have feelings experiments on help-less animals is wrong as well & no matter what excuse is given computers are available to do the synthesis as to actually using an animal. Oh my I have previously stated on other threads that the pain and suffering experienced in lab experiments are the same as that at the hands of your neighborhood psychopath. I am talking about the American Veterinary Medical Association's views on the inherent dangerousness of Pit Bulls versus that of a web designer, Colleen Lynn, founder of, and Merrit Clifton an investigative reporter and author of The Clifton report.
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It also looks at some of the most aggressive dog breeds, and that list may just surprise you.
Merritt Clifton's quackery is the research underlying breed specific legislation across North America. Epidemiology in particular seems to suffer from this -- all sorts of people take Jenny McCarthy more seriously than they do tenured professors at Harvard Medical School.
My sweet girl, Jenna, is a lab-pit bull mix, and one of my nightmares is that someone would steal her to use as a fighter or bait dog. We tend to assume that if a dog isn’t a pit bull or other bully breed that it will be friendly. Pit bulls are being banned, confiscated and killed based on numbers that have no demonstrable foundation in reality. Jim Ha, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and professor at the University of Washington, responds, “There is no scientific evidence for this.

I don't believe that the AVMA conducted any cruel, unnecessary lab experiments on Pit Bulls to come to their conclusions. The infographic below is so great, because it takes a fact-based look at pit bulls and debunks some common myths about them. These dogs are also more likely to be used in dog fighting, because they have a reputation for being aggressive. He's a specialized medical doctor on staff at the most important body in America charged with preventing epidemics. Needless to say, his experience with just one pit bull does not constitute a scientific study and from a research perspective, this is a sample size of one dog that he uses to characterize millions of dogs.

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