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It also allows people from both the United Kingdom and every corner of the world an opportunity to join one of the most successful canine related organisations.
Within the ADTB we believe that practical training experience is a “MUST” before people undertake hands on training of dogs but everyone must start somewhere and we truly believe our courses are a great place to start. The ADTB does not provide practical training courses, however we will advertise any course material we receive on our members’ forum in order to offer our students information as to where they can find practical study.

Courses can be purchased securely using the Paypal payment system allowing payments from credit and debit cards. If you have any questions about the courses or the ADTB organisation, please contact the ADTB office by clicking on the button below.. 3 Trainers, 2 assistant trainers supervise the creche facility to make sure interactions go well, to make sure all dogs signals are read & dogs grow up into well balanced dogs in society.

The information provided within the structure of the ADTB courses is designed to help would be Trainers to plan ahead.

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