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Many of these strange behaviors common to dogs are believed to be tied to the days when they ran in packs, dug shallow dwellings and gathered their own chow.
Before dogs were domesticated some 100 years back, they dug shallow beds to keep them a bit warmer than simply snoozing on the ground’s surface.
While Natalie’s dogs conduct harmless pawing, some dogs shred whatever they can get their paws on. Many of these strange behaviors common to dogs are believed to be tied to the days when they ran in packs. Dogs dig for lots of reasons: As a means to get somewhere, hide food, explore and, frankly, just for fun.

Shallow holes could mean your dog is trying to get comfortable by warming up or cooling down. Reeling in something smelly could be your dog’s way of saying that he found something interesting and he wants you to know.
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Every dog has one or two odd habits that defy explanation, like the dog that loves to eat lemons, or insists on sleeping upside down.
Dogs mark the area that they consider theirs by scratching the ground with the smell that comes from the sweat glands in their paws.

Watching other dogs and owners dig can also encourage the urge to make a hole of their own.
Dogs who sometimes rub around after a bath might be attempting to remove the sweet shampoo smell. But if your dog picks up a totally unruly scent, freshen him up with odor neutralizers rather than shampoos, which may enhance the stench – err – scent.

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