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Household dogs snatching food left sitting out in the kitchen are so common that they've gained a title: counter surfers. Remove TemptationThe easiest way to keep your dog from getting food off the counter or table is to keep all your food put away and wipe food preparation areas after each meal. Provide Plenty of Physical and Mental ExerciseOften, dogs start nosing around on tables and counters out of boredom.

Once your dog starts jumping up on tables and counters to grab morsels you've left to tempt their wits, it can be a challenge to get him to stop. While this will keep your dog from stealing food, it won't necessarily keep him from jumping on the table if he is accustomed to nabbing bites to eat from the table. Placing commercial noisemakers available from the pet store or stacks of empty soda cans around the edges of your table and counter can put a stop to your dog's counter surfing.

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