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So you've bought the couch you've been eying, only to find that your puppy is using it as a doggie bed and jumps up when he sees you using the new piece furniture. Step 1Tell all family members in the household that your puppy isn't allowed on the couch at any time. Step 2Provide your puppy with a comfy dog bed in the room with the furniture that he's not allowed to jump on. Step 4Place boxes or an upside-down carpet runner on the couch when you're unable to observe your pet companion.
Step 5Place a stack of empty soda cans on the backrest of the couch in a way so they'll fall around your pup when he jumps on the couch. If you don't want to deprive your pup of the comfy couch, place a slip cover or blanket over it so he can't do any damage to it. Regularly trim your pup's nails so they stay short and can do minimal damage when he manages to get on furniture. YouTube user Peter Valko noticed his adorable French bulldog was reluctant to leap off the edge of the couch and decided to record himself trying to convince it the puppy that everything would be just fine. Couple charged in connection to burnt woman's body found in BridgewaterA New Hampshire couple was charged in connection with the murder of a New Jersey woman whose torched body was discovered in Bridgewater earlier this month, according to the Brockton Enterprise.  Julian and Shannon Squires were arraigned in Brockton District Court on intimidation of a witness and impeding a police investigation charges on Monday.

Everyone has to be on the same page -- if one person allows your pet companion on the couch, it sends the wrong message and can confuse him. So it turns out Angelina Jolie — who has never shied away from talking about anything, even a double mastectomy — has found a new facet of womanhood to promote and take the stigma away from, and it's the change. Alternatively, place your puppy in a crate or block the entrance to the room with the comfy furniture by closing the door or using a baby gate.
Only use this trick if you're sure that your puppy can safely jump down from the couch without hurting himself. Caines holds a degree in journalism from Mercurius College in Holland and is writing her first novel. With a little coaxing by its owner, the adorable pup musters the courage to jump into the owners hands. The Police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were doing all that they could to come up with any leads on her whereabouts.
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Alternatively, use commercial products that make an alarming sound each time your pup jumps on the couch.
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If you're consistent, your pup might stop jumping on the couch and automatically go to his pet bed without your assistance.

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