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Puppies bite and nip during play, which is fine if they are playing with another puppy, but, when it comes to biting you, this is one habit you do not want to encourage. Once the puppy learns how hard is too hard, he will become gentler and be able to control his bite pressure when playing. Once you are certain your puppy is well trained in the no teeth method, it is time to teach him that fingers and toes, or other body parts, are not chew toys. To allow your pup to burn off some excess energy, which will decrease his excited play with you, schedule a play date with other puppies. Dog barkingpuppy dog trainingstop dog barkingaggressive, Dog barking, aggressive dog behavior, biting, chewing, whining, jumping, digging common problems dog real nuisance..

This behavior helps with teething, and for older puppies is a part of exploring their world. Puppies learn bite inhibition from their siblings, and other dogs can help your dog learn bite inhibition if she hasn't yet mastered the skill. Yelping like a hurt puppy may help with some puppies, but other puppies will be unaffected by yelping. Take your puppy for frequent walks and give her time to calm down when you come home before playing with her.
The other dog may yelp or stop playing when your dog bites, and this is a highly effective way to teach your puppy not to bite.

Wait two to three minutes, then return to playing and stop playing again if your puppy bites. Chewing helps relieve the pain of teething, and after your dog is done teething, biting may remain a habit. Providing an appropriate chewing outlet can greatly reduce the frequency of nipping and biting.

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