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Covering furniture your dog enjoys to snooze on is a great way to cut down on cleaning time and keep your furniture from getting badly worn and covered in dog hair. If you’re a dog owner on the hunt for new furniture then you can make your life that bit easier by choosing materials that are quick to clean and that hide a multitude of furry sins. Another tip is to go for furniture that has removable covers, so when you do need to give them a good clean your job is that bit easier.

To cut down on dodgy doggy smells and to stop your home and furniture smelling like a kennel simple whip out the baking soda! Basically the more time your dog spends in his lovely, comfy bed the less stains, fur, scratches and interesting smells you’ll find about your house and furniture. The best course of action is to offer your dog a nice healthy chewy alternative, like a kong or rubber bone, and to put them off chewing on legs of chairs etc etc by spraying them with a doggy repellant.

Simple keep a washable matt or rug beside your door and a doggy towel or cloth on a nearby hook (you can double up on the spot where you hang your leash). Giving your dog a quick rub down and wiping their paws on the mat as they come in to your house can really cut down on dirty marks on furniture and flooring!

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