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If you noticed her chewing and licking on her paws as a puppy, it is quite likely that the problem has a genetic component, such as particularly sensitive skin, or that it can be attributed to a lack of nutrients, most likely Omega fatty acids. If it’s just one paw, check out her nails, paw pads, and between her toes for dirt, embedded pebbles or grass, or even small injuries that may be causing her discomfort. The sensitive skin between your dog’s paw pads and toes is often ripe for yeast and bacterial infections because of all the extra hair that keep those areas covered.
The paw licking may be a reaction to any new medications she may be taking for unrelated health issues — for example, corticosteroids often result in itchy skin.
Here are the 18 different tactics you can try to eliminate your dog’s paw licking, but don’t try them all at once or you won’t know which one worked. If he is licking just one of his paws, or just both front paws, check for evidence of damaged skin or an embedded foreign body.
11 Supplements most dogs don’t get enough fatty acids in their food and it can affect their mood, their blood chemistry and skin health.Try fish oil capsules – 1000 mg, once a day for an average sized dog.
If your vet feels your dog has an anxiety problem, she may prescribe a course of antianxiety treatment.
The anatomy of the dog’s paw includes claws, followed by four pads, the larger metacarpal pad (forepaw) or metatarsal pad (rear paw) that is shaped like a heart, and a dew claw higher up on the foot in some breeds. Chewing on all four paws indicates some type of allergic reaction or compulsive-obsessive behavior. Chewing or licking that occurs around the same time daily shows that your pup may be stressed for some reason and this may be her only way of expressing her discomfort. Particularly sensitive dogs may notice a change in shampoos or flea treatments with skin inflammation.
This is a very common complaint from New Zealand dog owners, and if left untreated it can lead to serious skin problems due to the damage caused by self-trauma.

Stop the itchiness: If his paw licking is due to environmental causes like allergies, breaking the “itch-scratch” cycle can go a long way to resolving the problem. Boot Up Covering your dog’s paws with dog booties might be a solution to the problem, and at the very least it will give irritation or lesions a chance to heal which you get to the core problem.
Distract your dog Many dogs forget about their discomfort when they are playing, eating or chewing. Health check: If your dog’s constant licking persists, or if open wounds develop, your veterinarian should rule out underlying health problems, such as skin infections or entrapped foreign material. Wipe away the itch- anti-bacterial wipes that contain colloidal silver may help keep down chances of infection — particularly during the wetter months when your dog’s feet get wet outside creating an environment where bacteria can thrive. Antidepressants if you think your dog has an obsessive compulsive behavior your vet might prescribe an antidepreesant. Wash him in an oatmeal shampoo like Comfy Dog; its colloidal oatmeal will ease his itch and reduce inflammation. Checking her nails may show that some are overly long and digging into her paw pads or even that she may have broken a nail that is creating some discomfort. Food allergies, particularly to certain proteins (beef and chicken) and grains (soy, wheat gluten, and corn), often show up as itchy skin, ear infections, and compulsive paw chewing. While this treatment takes time, patience, and consistency to work, behavior therapy alone has been shown to be effective in some dogs.
This in itself is enough of a problem, but additionally it can continue the cycle of itching and licking, so it’s important to do whatever possible to allow the skin to heal. Often this involves antibiotic therapy, although some minor cases may resolve themselves once the itchiness is treated.
Chamomile is very soothing and Just make a cup of tea, let it cool and swish your dog’s feet in it. It contains sodium chloride, potassium and nitrates that can aid in restoring the natural balance of bacteria on a dog’s skin.

Your dog’s meals should consist of mainly high protein dog foods only supplemented with fats, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Consulting your veterinarian and switching to an organic grain-free food with unusual proteins (salmon, duck, kangaroo) may be your answer to your pup’s licking behaviors. Additionally, your paw licking pooch may need more exercise, extra training, or another dog for companionship to keep her mind active. So give your dog a full schedule of bone chewing, game playing and toys to occupy their time.  We have had success putting all natural peanut butter into a hollow toy (like a Kong).
When your dog comes in from a walk, put his paws, one at a time, in the bucket and swish them around. Salt can also raise the pH level of your dog’s skin, which may help regulate normal bacterial ratios.
Check her feet whenever she comes in from outside and, if necessary, use a baby wipe infused with aloe vera to clean her paws, between her toes, under her belly, and around her ears, nose, and muzzle. Your behaviorist may suggest adding anti-anxiety medications to the treatment plan however, an all-natural dog relaxer administered orally twice a day, can calm and relax your dog and keep her mind off the itching without any of the side effects of drugs. Sometimes it is part of a quick grooming ritual, but if the licking becomes constant, to the point of injury or sores, it could be a sign of something worse. Or, if the foot licking problem starts out as a medical problem it can later become a compulsive habit, which will need to be corrected with training. This is why it is important to pay attention to your pet’s feet and determine why a dog compulsively licks their paws.

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