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If you’re finding fresh casualties of chewing every week – door frames, chair legs, or what should be unopened mail – it may be because your dog is hungry, bored, stressed or anxious. If you catch your dog chewing your lucky socks or the kids’ action figurine, offer it a treat or toy in exchange.
Once your dog makes it through puppy stage you may be tempted to go back to old habits like kicking your shoes off at the front door or leaving cushions on the outdoor setting overnight. Destructive chewing may signal separation anxiety if accompanied by pacing, howling or your dog eating its own excrement when left alone.

Say the cue “give” as you hand over the reward and you’ll be training your dog to release things on cue. The rule of thumb is: if you don’t want it to become a dog’s breakfast, don’t leave it out. It may be chewing for attention or as a way of releasing pent-up energy and endorphins, so spend more time playing games or exercising together.
Shouting or engaging in a tug of war could make your dog think it’s a game, while scolding your pet after the fact will scare and confuse it.

Hunger is another common cause, so check your dog is getting enough quality food for its age and size.

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