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Debarking, or ventriculocordectomy is a veterinary process by which the dog’s vocal chords are surgically eliminated. According to the maker, the sound given off from the Canine Silencer Professional reminds the canine to stop barking. The Dog Silencer Pro seems just like a ray gun from a Star Wars film or maybe an overweight bird chirping.

Barking is how canines communicate, which process deprives them of the basic means of expression. I fully concur with the European ban on debarking surgical procedure, and suggest that you simply by no means think about this unethical procedure being an choice for your dog.
Your dog is obtaining interest when he barks, and some dogs discover that this interest is best than non at all.

Shock collars are painful, and may actually make your dog much more aggressive toward the individual or other dog they may be barking at.

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