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To make sure your dog is trained properly, you need to find what is called his recognition level. This system includes 1 remote transmitter and 1 collar receiver, a belt clip, a lanyard, long contact points, an operating guide, a basic training manual and DVD, a charging cradle, a charging adaptor and a test light.
Multi dog modes that include Tone or Vibration on the dial, allowing you to use tone or vibration when in a two or three dog set upThe 425 is a great collar for obedience work, retrievers and flushers. The SD-425 is one of the smallest of the SportDOG collars that's out there, both transmitter and collar. It assists you in creating a custom remote training system to assure top performance out of your dog.
Your dog will show the most success with the trainer if you teach a command first before trying to use the remote trainer with him.
It is designed for dogs that are over 8 pounds and has been proven to be safe, comfortable and effective.
The manufacturer recommends reading the training guide and watching the DVD before you get started.

This system lets you reinforce your commands and to correct your dog when he misbehaves from one mile away.
One of the best feature of this electric shock collar for dogs is the ergonomic-minded, slim profile design of the dog collar. With correct training, your dog will begin to associate the static signal with an actual command.
These shock collars for dogs can accommodate up to 6 dogs by adding extra SportDog collars. What you are looking for is for your dog to show any small change in behavior which tells you that he feels the stimulation. Be consistent in your stimulations but be sure to only give as few stimulations as possible to get your dog trained.
If you set this up in a two or three dog mode, you can still have vibration or tone depending on which setup you prefer. I've been fostering Sophie for 5 months now, and working on her aggression issues on a regular basis with trainers and on my own.

After just one day with this e-collar, Chloe now enjoys playing ball at the park, sitting on the front porch and exploring in the front yard, and play dates with other dogs! My Geman Sheperd Dog had professional obedience training, but was still stubborn in some areas. I truly was at wits end of training a non stop barking dog when our dear Picasso would see another dog. He was a completely different dog with in the first day (only level 1 and trust me he is a strong pitbull terrier). He has barked only 3 or 4 times in past 14 days of seeing other dogs and has made our lives as dog owners so much more enjoyable.

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