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Not too big, not too small, medium dogs are just right for an owner who wants a dog with a little more substance without tipping the scales. Also known as the Brown Spaniel, this is an American breed that was developed in the Midwest to spring and retrieve waterfowl, but it's an all-around shooting dog that will also bring in rabbits, grouse, quail and pheasant.
The Boxer Dog is the breed of medium-sized, stocky, short-haired dogs originated from Germany.
Many of the medium sized breeds are appealing to families who have smaller children, but don’t have the space for a larger dog.

Boxer Dogs have three eyelids, a lower lid, an upper eyelid lid and a third lid, that is called a haw or nictitating membrane, this keeps the Boxer Dogs eye protected and moist. Boxer Dogs eyes have a special membrane for seeing better at night, called a tapetum lucidum - a dogs reflective layer in the choroid chiefly of nocturnal, causing the eyes to glow when light at night hits the eyes and they consist of some layers of smooth flat cells covered by a section of double deformed crystals.AppearanceThe head of the Boxer Dog is the most distinguishing feature.
The standard of the Boxer Dog dictates that it should be in perfect ratio to the body and especially, by no means, it must be excessively light.
The maximum value should be placed on the muzzle being of right form and in absolute ratio to the head.

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