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Bodies are involved in all aspects of the dogs training, from puppy training, where the dogs is first learning how to find a body, to full search dog training where a body may hide on the mountain side for hours waiting for a dog to find. OLD habits die hard for Treo, a retired army dog who saved the lives of countless squaddies in Afghanistan by sniffing out hidden roadside bombs.
Now living in leafy Cheshire that threat is long gone but the 12-year-old labrador-spaniel cross hasn't forgotten his training. These dedicated souls come out onto the hill and lie in a bivvy bag waiting for the dog and handler to find them.

Each morning Treo searches every room in the house for non-existent explosives and it's the same if he is ever visiting another property.Treo is one of the lucky ones. The training begins on land with pig flesh being hidden in bushes and trees, before it is moved to the riverbank and immersed in about 30cm (1ft) of water. Given the strong bond between the pair it was only natural that man and dog made the transition to civilian life together.Yet this week it was revealed that two patrol dogs used to protect the Duke of Cambridge's RAF base in Anglesey, North Wales, were put down soon after he left the service. The dog will then progress on to a boat.The reason a dog is able to detect the scent of a body in the water is because the body's gases rise to the surface.

Either way, the route of the search and rescue team is not easy – difficult terrain, in the worst of weather. The human search teams would have found the walkers eventually, but her speed meant the stricken hikers were just about able to leave the hill on foot, rather than on stretchers.

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