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Constructed from the highest performance materials, the hands free leash attaches to a streamlined, very light-weight belt on a sliding snap buckle.
With its heavy duty construction, this leash is designed to take the shock out of those predictably unpredictable lunges, pulls and abrupt changes of direction. Iron Doggy makes hands free dog leashes that keep athletic dogs on the straight and narrow. The Stunt Runner by Stunt Puppy($35 Amazon) is a hands-free dog leash created specifically for running with your fury friend. Z-Hands Free Leash“Our hands free dog leash is perfect for sports such as running, jogging, walking, hiking, or just out for a comfortable walk around the neighborhood. The flex section adds to the performance of this product, and is included in a flex size for your dog. Leash AttachmentsTwo webbing loops with female quick release mechanisms are suspended from the belt.

You can also adjust how the leash hangs on the belt when not in use by sliding the webbing loops along the belt. If anyone reading this post has experience with either of these products, or a better suggestion on a hands-free leash, I’d love to hear from you – you can leave a comment below! This lets you adjust your dog's position without having to adjust the belt, and the side release buckle means you can easily release the belt with just one hand. This leash combines all of the advantages of our handled leash, with a super wide, padded hip belt that allows your dog, or dogs, to change which side of you they are walk on, without dragging you around. Perfect for absorbing the interaction between you and your dog as you walk, run, or just explore. It has unique leash and collar attachments that allow you to easily release and reconnect your pet. When the leash is not attached to your pet, simply click the unused end into the unused loop attachment and the leash is out of the way, but, still handy when you need it.

The loops can be side by side so the leash is dangling or slide them apart to wrap the leash around your waist.
The AeroLeash is hands free and the bungee cord seperates some of the pulling tension from the user and the dog. We deliberately built the Runner's Choice with bungee that has a minimum breaking strength of 215 pounds.
On the side I also coach runners and perform running gait analysis at Performance Health Spine and Sport Therapy in Concord, NH. Here are some useful hints to help you get the most out of the special features of this leash system.

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