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The Rottweiler is probably descended from the Italian Mastiff, which accompanied the herds that the Romans brought with them when they invaded Europe.
The Rottweiler, though probably descended from mastiffs accompanying the Roman legions, was named for the German town of Rottweil where the breed was used by butchers to drive herds of cattle. Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (DRK, German Rottweiler Club), the first Rottweiler club in Germany, was founded January 13, 1914, and followed by the creation of the Süddeutscher Rottweiler-Klub (SDRK, South German Rottweiler Club) on April 27, 1915 and eventually became the IRK (International Rottweiler Club).
Doberman pinschers (often just called Dobermans) are dogs that were originally bred to protect and defend.
The Presa Canario hails from the Canary Islands, where the dogs were trained for hunting and for war. American Rottweiler: some claim there are variations of Rotties, the German Rottweiler and the American Rottweiler.
The butchers fastened their money belts around the dogs' necks, since their earnings would be completely safe there. They are not barking dogs but a Rottweiler will normally bark when he is annoyed at its surroundings, rather than at a person. In the US, in a 1997 report by the CDC, the Rottweiler was listed as the second most likely breed of dog named in fatal human attacks, following Pit Bulls, although at approximately half the rate of the Pit Bull. It is important to avoid any type of aggressive play and struggle with these dogs, instead letting the games be guided to develop the Doberman’s intelligence. During the 18th century, English traders and merchants came to the Canary Islands, bringing with them their working and gladiator dogs, notably the Mastiff of England and the Bulldog.
The Rottweiler dogs are indeed beautiful with their deep and quiet intelligent eyes fixing on you trying to understand what you want from them by telepathy. Rottweilers love to do things for their masters and thrive on the feeling that they are needed. Rottweilers can be larger or smaller that the sizes given, however that are not considered typical by the breed standard. For this reason the various Rottweiler breed clubs have had x-ray testing regimes in place for many years. Training, socialization and proper care can make a significant impact, however some dogs are by years of breeding more aggressive. They were bred as herd dogs but because of their intelligence and abundant strength they make brilliant guard dogs.
They are were bred as shepherd dogs but because of there strength, intelligence, obedience, loyalty and protective nature they are often used by the authorities in several countries. Even though they aren’t small dogs, Dobermans can adapt to life in a city and become a perfect companion for the experienced, physically active owner.
Englishmen also brought with them their traditions of pit fighting for which their breeds and the island dogs were inevitably mixed and eventually bred to produce the ultimate fighter. Hence, their dominant attitude and aggressive temperament made them the best choice dogs at that time and the reinforcement of those traits over a couple of centuries have made the Rottweiler dog what we have today. The Rottweiler nose is well developed, more broad than round, with relatively large nostrils and always black.

The DRK aimed to produce working dogs and did not emphasize the morphology of the Rottweiler.
In Germany on January 13, 1907, the DRK (Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (German Rottweiler Club)) was established. The dogs were known as "Rottweil butchers' dogs" (German: Rottweiler Metzgerhund) because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market. A bored and unexercised Rottweiler dog can wreak disaster in your house by chewing things and its temperament can also be grouchy.Most of the people recommend a female to a male Rottweiler as an ideal pet because she is easier to handle and train and they are smaller and easier to control physically as well. A 2008 study surveying breed club members found that while Rottweilers were average in aggressiveness (bites or bite attempts) towards owners and other dogs, it indicated they tend to be more aggressive than average towards strangers. The dogs of this breed can be gentle and noble with their families, showing great affection to their owners, and being suspicious of strangers.
Shortly after on April 27, 1907, the SDRK (Süddeutscher Rottweiler-Klub (South German Rottweiler Club)) was formed, which later became the IRK (International Rottweiler Club). Some records indicate that earlier Rottweilers may have also been used for hunting, although the modern Rottweiler has a relatively low hunting instinct. They are extremely courageous, totally fearless and reliable, which is why these dogs make excellent rescue dogs, because once they are put to task they will not back off from it come what may.A purebred Rottweiler has an exceptionally good nature and you will not find this dog snarling and attacking for no reason, neither will you ever see it barking in vain. Because of recent overbreeding, cancer has become one of the leading causes of early death in Rottweilers. Apart from being the world most dangerous dogs Rottweilers are very strong and intelligent. Apart from being the worlds third most dangerous dogs German Shepherds are strong, intelligent, obedient, loyal and have a protective nature. The portrayal of Rottweilers as evil dogs in several fictional films and TV series, most notably in The Omen, and negative press has added to their negative publicity. For unknown reasons, Rottweilers are more susceptible than other breeds to become infected with parvovirus, a highly contagious and deadly disease of puppies and young dogs.
They are extremely dangerous, but if bred correctly these dogs aren’t dangerous and wont attack. The Rottweiler can be a total lamb with its own and can transform itself right before your eyes into a terrifying beast, if he feels anything of his property comes into danger. Owning a Rottweiler is not you if you are timid or do not have the time or interest to carefully supervise him. This has led to Rottweilers being banned in some municipalities and are sometimes targeted as dangerous dogs by legislation, such as in the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland. The various German Rottweiler Clubs amalgamated to form the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK, General German Rottweiler Club) in 1921. Some of the Rottweiler's talents include: tracking, herding, watchdog, guarding, search and rescue, guide dogs for the blind, police work, carting, competitive obedience and Schutzhund.
According to the FCI Standard Rottweilers should have strong and complete dentition (42 teeth) with scissor bite, the upper incisors closely overlapping the lower incisors. This is why the Rottweiler’s bad reputation is not well founded on factsThe physical appearance of the Rottweiler is highly impressive - so graceful, yet so powerful looking at the same time.

On the other hand, not all mainstream media has portrayed the breed in a negative light: for example, a gentler side of the Rottweiler's personality was observed in the movie Lethal Weapon 3 where a Rottweiler guarding a gun smuggling operation was placated by the main character, played by Mel Gibson, with dog treats.
Rottweilers are known to be very aggressive dogs because of their keen territorial instincts.
Dogs most often make wonderful pets, however in certain circumstances, any type of dog can be dangerous.
According to the FCI Standard, the Rottweiler is good-natured, placid in basic disposition, very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work. Also, in the HBO series Entourage a Rottweiler named Arnold is a dear pet of the main characters.
Cujo the loveable family dog and voice of the official website in the TV series Kath and Kim, is played by National Rottweiler Council (Australia) Champion and Dual Champion (Tracking) Goodiesway Basko (AI) CDX ET TSDX PT (pet name "Polo").
The hero of the picture book Good Dog, Carl and its sequels is a Rottweiler, and quite favorably portrayed as a gentle, attentive, protective and intelligent guardian of his family members.
In an event widely reported by the media, a two-year-old UK Rottweiler named Jake owned by Liz Maxted-Bluck was recognised for his bravery by the RSPCA. It will accept cats, other dogs and other household pets as long as the dog has been socialized well and has owners who assert their authority over the dog.
A Rottweiler is self-confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in its environment. Rottweilers are a powerful breed with well developed genetic herding and guarding instincts. The Rottweiler was employed in its traditional roles until the mid-19th century when railroads replaced droving for getting livestock to market. As with any breed, potentially dangerous behavior in Rottweilers usually results from irresponsible ownership, abuse, neglect, or lack of socialization and training.
While still used in herding, Rottweilers are now also used in search and rescue, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard or police dogs, and in other roles.
However, the exceptional strength of the Rottweiler is an additional risk factor not to be neglected.
It is for this reason that breed experts recommend that formal training and extensive socialization are essential for all Rottweilers.
Det Con Clive Leftwich, from Coventry police station, said: "From our point of view Jake the Rottweiler stopped a serious sexual assault from becoming even worse. According to the AKC, Rottweilers love their people and may behave in a clownish manner toward family and friends, but they are also protective of their territory and do not welcome strangers until properly introduced.

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