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Lesley Anne Banks, 53, of Ludlow, Shropshire, who died two days after being bitten by her beloved pet Rottweiler BrannighanOne said: ‘Brannigan meant everything to Lesley. Two days later she was dead.At an inquest into her death, friends said 51-year-old Miss Banks loved rottweiler Brannigan ‘to bits’ because he had once saved her from a fire.
Sarah Jennings took the dog and its owner into the kennel area, but the door behind her failed to latch properly. Despite an earlier report that suggested the rottweiler was killed on the kennel property quickly following the incident, Robin Jennings took her dog to a local veterinarian and had the dog euthanized, according to Sheriff Ricky Oliver. Rumors about the death of this young child keep brewing as the Yadkin County Sheriff's Department continues to withhold "standard" details about the attack to the public, now 11 days after the fatal dog biting incident. Despite California and Texas2 each having nearly three times the population of North Carolina or more, this southeastern state leads fatal dog attacks in 2012 with 4 dog bite-related fatalities.

Yadkinville, NC - In a developing story, a 3-month old girl from Yadkin County was killed Friday after a family dog bit her multiple times in the head. The Journal has received numerous calls from Yadkin County residents who had heard rumors about the death since Friday and were concerned that they were getting no information on the dog attack in their area.
1Presumably the "cart-puller" is a rottweiler named Atlas, as explained on the Deep Creek Kennel website. A rottweiler belonging to Robin Jennings subsequently pushed through the door and entered into the office where the child was located. It is unknown if Atlas, also an AKC Champion, is the same rottweiler that killed the infant. The infant's mother Sarah Jennings also works at the kennel and was with her child in the office area when a customer came in with a dog to board -- a door separates the office and kennel areas.

When Sarah and Robin came back into the office, they found the rottweiler standing beside the bitten child.
Donald Jason, the Forsyth County medical examiner, said Dixie Jennings died from head and brain injuries due to dog bites. Jason also speculated that the dog might have mistaken the child's "multicolored knit cap" on her head for a ball.

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