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Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY, the Found collection of collars and leashes blend durability with nautical style. Whether you're looking for nautical-inspired leashes, leather leashes, or classic nylon leashes, we have something to fit your and your dog's unique style! Image above, clockwise from top left: Ella Dish leash $36, Polka dot lead $14+, Braided leashes $34 each, Hello!
FYI, plain rope leads can be purchased from any horse supply shop for a small fraction of the price.
My dog has a ton of collars but I have used the same leather leash for probably six years (as a puppy he ate the first one).

I like Gimpy Pet’s leashes because they help disabled animals and they are well made!
Sure, you could just tie a rope to your dog's collar, but that doesn't seem like the safest plan.
Not all leashes are right for all dogs so please read the description for each item before ordering.
Keeping my eyes out for some cool leather leashes to add to our collection, so thank you for this beautiful list!! Hope has worn the same harness and leash since I adopted her, but I finally feel ready to switch them out.

The adjustable solid brass o-rings and solid bronze clips (marine grade cast Italian hardware) on your FOUND leash allow it to be used [.

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