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For the huddled masses of pitbulls yearning to breathe free from Ontario’s strict breed ban, Alberta might just be their Liberty Island. Even in cases where the pooches fail to meet certain criteria, they’ve still found homes through the Prairie Pit Bull Rescue Society, which operates in Calgary, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. In 2010, a Toronto Humane Society survey of municipalities revealed no significant drop in dog bite cases since the government passed breed specific legislation that resulted in countless pit bulls and related Staffordshire terriers being destroyed. The Calgary model emphasizes owner responsibility through education, with serious fines for canine misbehaviour. For example, in North Carolina last month, six-year old Joshua Phillip Strother was mauled to death by a dog adopted three weeks earlier from the Asheville Humane Society, a pit bull that had passed the supposedly reliable SAFER American SPCA- aggression assessment test.

So says Deanna Thompson, executive director of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crews Society (AARCS), of the pitbull who was saved from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles only to survive a highway crash, being struck a day later by another vehicle and six days on his own in the wild. Early Thursday, Donavan was found in one of the dog traps set by AARCS after an SUV pulling a trailer of 30 rescue dogs from California to Edmonton rolled on Hwy. A pair of rescuers from a Saskatchewan-based group transporting the animals suffered minor injuries. SPCA when news of a one-year-old mixed pit bull, which many inaccurately believed was automatically fated for euthanasia, became an Internet sensation. The operation was jointly arranged by Wings of Rescue, an American charity, and BARC, a Calgary rescue organization.

Even during his tenure in Calgary he was (still is) an advisor to the National Canine Research Council, a leading U.S. The reason is DNA: pit bull type dogs are unpredictable in their aggression and inflict far greater damage than other breeds.

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