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ADBA Registered American Pitbull Terriers: All of our APBT - XXL Red Nose Pitbulls and Red Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale are registered with the ADBA. If you are looking for beautiful pitbull puppies that will grow up to be some of the best XXL Pitbulls in the world with massive heads, some of the most solid structures and ripped out muscle dogs, without sacrificing the athletic ability of the original American Pit bull Terrier you have found the right place!.
RAISING CAIN KENNELS: We produce the Best XXL Red Nose Red Pitbulls, Chocolate Pitbulls,Tri colored Pitbulls, White Pitbulls and the best XXL Pit bull Puppies for sale!!! Our APBT Pitbull dogs are great for home protection, personal protection, great family dogs, personal companion dogs, therapy dogs, working k9 officers and Ring Sport competitions (NARA) - we are a proud member!! Our dogs are full of love and have some of the most loyal temperaments you will find in any bully pitbull in the world.

WE ARE DOWNZIZING OUR BREEDING PROGRAM AND TAKING A NEW DIRECTION FOCUSING NOT ONLY WORKING APBTS BUT ALSO AMERICAN BULLIES.  PLEASE CHECK THE MALES AND FEMALES PAGES TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE FOR SALE! Our Red Nose Pitbulls are Big, Thick and Wide with excellent temperaments, superior structure and of course super big size!!! We specialize in intelligent pitbull dogs with thick bodies, wide chests, strong rears and most importantly a solid temperament and good conformation!!! We breed not just for looks and big size but for intelligence, temperament and working capabilities. The pro dog fighter tends to prefer small (35lbs or so) very thin dogs which due to their size are not suited for many of the tasks asked of the modern day working dog.
Bulldogs were admired for their intelligence, physical courage, gameness and their tolerance of pain.
The reasons given for crossing the two was to increase speed and activity by adding the agile and active hunting terriers of the time.

England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States brought the bull-and-terrier breeds to their ultimate fighting form.
It has come with its price, attracting  a group of so called breeders with dollar signs in their eyes doing absolutely nothing for the improvement of the breed. If you were to look at the APBT  for the first time, you would see an exceptional breed.

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