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You will find that with the Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breed most of the characteristics of the American Pit Bull dog breed are the same. Especially with Pit Bull type dogs, early training, handling, and socialization are key elements to ensuring a well balanced, well mannered pet. It is all too easy to want a Red Nosed Pit Bull, and then not follow through with the training.
The Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breed is similar in height and weight as the American Pit Bull Terrier weighing in up to 80 pounds, and a height of up to 25 inches.

Though it is not written in the history of the Pit Bull dog breed, the Red Nosed Pit Bulls mostly were bred in and around Ireland during the mid 1800′s. Since the Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breed is not a different breed of Pit Bull, it is fitting to refer back to the American Pit Bull Terrier when regards to their lifespan and list of possible illnesses. My husband has a red nose pit, he’s is one of the most beautiful dogs i have ever seen. Cute Puppies For Sale works directly with dog breeders that exercise humane breeding practices and rescue puppies or adult dogs.

Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Red Nosed Pit Bull puppies for sale and Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breeders near you.

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