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EarsThe most remarkable of the jackrabbits' desert adaptations is the structure of their large ears. Feet and FurJackrabbits also have an adaptation for dealing with hot desert sands—fur-covered feet. Behavioral AdaptationsOne of the main ways jackrabbits keep cool in their desert climate is simply by staying out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day.
Learn the rabbit adaptations that help this mammal survive and flourish in varied geographical and climatic conditions.slide 1 of 2Adaptations Key to the Survival of RabbitsRabbits have for long been part of folklore. Along with getting most of their required water from the foods they eat (cacti, leaves, grasses and twigs), jackrabbits have also developed another water-retaining adaptation.

These long-legged and long-eared animals are actually hares—meaning that they were born completely furred, as opposed to the naked-born rabbits. Because of the hot desert environment in which they live, jackrabbits have developed a number of adaptations designed to keep them cool.
All these symbolic representations have sprouted from the many characteristic trademarks and adaptations of rabbits that have helped them survive through centuries and in different parts of the world from mountains to deserts, and plains to arctic areas, in spite of being prey animals. While arctic rabbits have a whitish fur colour to camouflage the white background of winter, but in autumn the same colour changes to brown or reddish to mingle with the surroundings.
A single female can deliver up to 4 to 8 babies at one time, and because of the speed with which the babies are weaned., the female is ready to deliver another sets of kits or baby rabbits in no time.

In fact in a year a single family can grow to a staggering 800 rabbit members if all conditions are suitable.
The rapid reproduction also helps the rabbits adapt to environmental changes faster than many other species.

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