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Bringing a new puppy home is exciting and there’s so much adorable to behold your head might explode. For the majority of breeds, crate training is highly recommended by dog trainers, breeders, and veterinarians. Walking your puppy, on leash, to the same spot each time you go out and not moving from that spot until they have relieved themselves. Whether you are married, single, have small children, a recent college grad living on the couch, or have roommates, everyone who enters or lives in your home should be on the same page when it comes to how your puppy is allowed to behave. In the first year of your puppy’s life, routines are very important when it comes to training. Often, new owners forget about the flip-side of puppy parenthood when they’re handing over the cash and signing the papers.
Some puppies take longer than others and, during the first week with your puppy, he or she will have no clue where they are supposed to go or when.
This can be a double edged sword because, while it can keep your puppy from messing on your carpet or hardwood, it can also reinforce that it’s ok to relieve themselves inside the house.

However, puppies also sleep for several hours during the day and will sleep well at night if they are properly exercised.
If this happens, take them outside to relieve themselves and then return them to their crate. Routines like feeding and walking should be established early so that your puppy knows what to expect and how to behave. Puppies typically won’t mess in their crate because they don’t want to lay in or be near their own waste.
Avoid puppy pads if possible but, if you must use them, make sure to reward your puppy when he or she goes on the pad. Make sure that you are taking your new puppy for walks, playing tug and fetch, or wrestling. In the wild, wolves (the ancestors of dogs) thrive on pack order, as do domesticated dogs, so showing your new puppy right away that you are the leader is essential. Since puppies take awhile to wind down, it’s advisable to do this at least an hour or two before you, yourself want to sleep.

For more on this, check out the Dog Whisperer’s blog post on Establishing Leadership with Your Dog.
Luckily, there are six key tricks and training techniques that can be used to guarantee you don’t go out of your mind and your puppy stays adorable during its first few days home.
Giving them plenty of options, is the best way to ensure that they leave your bras, shoes, and other unmentionables alone. Kongs full of peanut butter, Nylabones, deer antlers, and whole pie pumpkins ( yet, healthy for your dog to eat and chew), are great alternatives to your furniture.

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