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Numerous puppy mills selling AKC-registered puppies have passed AKC inspections, yet been cited by the U.S. The AKC takes in thousands of dollars every year selling registrations for puppies to high-volume breeders, which threatened to boycott the AKC in the late 1990s, until the club formed a committee, reached out to them and settled the dispute.
Puppy mills: The Humane Society of the United States offers $5,000 rewards for information leading to convictions of puppy mill operators for animal cruelty.

It has lobbied against increased oversight of puppy mills and other dog-related legislation ever since.
Many were ill or injured and infested with fleas.The American Kennel Club is protecting puppy mills to pad its bottom line, the Humane Society of the United States said this week, releasing a cutting report on the AKC's policies, kennel inspections and lobbying activities. Cockroach races, coloring, firefly-collecting contest, insect tattoos, walk-like-an-insect race, walks to insect-attracting traps and black lights, and a display of scorpions, walking sticks, giant millipedes and more.

VBF adopts shelter dogs and trains them to assist military veterans and the Good Samaritan fund pays for emergency veterinary care for low-income pet owners.

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