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Puggles get along well with other dogs and animals and have sufficient energy to entertain children for extended periods of time. They enjoy strolls, play yards, toys, imaginative video games and advantage considerably from puppy training classes.
ABOUT US: We got our first poodle 12 years back when my youngsters desired a dog and was looking for one that didn't impact their allergies.

We had so much enjoyable with the dog that we thought about working with a stud and having a trash of our own; only to discover out that for the price, we could buy another canine. Although my dogs largely go to people for pets, I do sell a couple every year to breeders, but just offer to in-home breeders. Little by little we understood that the "Designer pups" - are extremely searched for, and I was introduced to an amazing variety of pet dogs that did not drop and puppy blends that my children could put up with.

All puppies are de-wormed on a routine basis, immunized, and include a two year wellness assurance for any hereditary flaws since we are confident in the quality of our infants.

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