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How to care for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy: Yorkshire Terrier puppies can be delicate so handle your puppy with care. What to look for when choosing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale: A reputable breeder who offers Yorkie puppies for sale should have a puppy with bright, clear eyes and a shiny, healthy coat that is clean and in good condition. Beautiful Puppies is a nationwide group of quality breeders who are dedicated to raising the best quality puppies possible.
You can use the form below to start searching through our online listings for the puppy of your dreams. Originally bred in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England, this feisty puppy has become overwhelmingly popular with dog owners who desire a loyal, intelligent companion.

The body should be small but sturdy and your puppy should be affectionate, alert and friendly. Happy, healthy, well socialized puppies who will be a wonderful new member of your family for years to come. Once you start searching we’ll also be on the lookout for a beautiful puppy that would fit perfectly with what you are looking for. Yorkie puppies do well with children but due to their small stature should be supervised with kids under the age of ten. You really can't go wrong when you decide to make a Yorkshire Terrier puppy a part of your family.

Should we find that perfect puppy, or need more information on what you are looking for we will contact you directly.
This breed needs only light exercise and your puppy should be fed a high quality dog food at regular intervals.
Brush you puppy's teeth once a week to prevent dental issues and an occasional treat can be fed as a reward for good behavior.

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