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The first 12 weeks of life are known as the ‘sensitive period’, during which time puppies learn most quickly.
Rewards can be very useful when introducing your puppy to new things, but remember to reward them when they start to relax rather than when they are very anxious otherwise they can learn that fearful behaviour is a good thing. Puppies need a primary course of vaccinations to give them immunity from some serious diseases – Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis. Puppies acquire Roundworms from their mothers while they are developing and in her milk. Fleas can arrive with your puppy or they may pick them up from other animals once they come to their new home. This is a very important time for growth and development of your puppy, particularly their bones and joints. We can check if this amount of food is right for your puppy by monitoring their weight.  This is particularly important for large breed dogs (see later).
Genetics have a role which is why the parents of your large breed puppy may have been scored for certain joints.

When we see a new large breed puppy we will usually make a growth chart to plot their weight up to 20 weeks old, comparing it with maximum, minimum and average growth for their breed. Females – Neutering or spaying involves an operation to remove the ovaries and uterus, preventing them from having puppies. Even if you want a litter of puppies first they can still be spayed after this and have some of the above benefits. This information sheet gives guidance on important considerations for your puppy to help them grow up happy and healthy in their new family. It is worth considering adult size, temperament and amount of exercise required before choosing a puppy. If possible go and visit the puppies first and ask to meet their mother so you can see her temperament. Immunity from these is not instant and so we advise that you avoid contact with unvaccinated dogs until 2 weeks after the second vaccination, including avoiding any areas where unvaccinated dogs may go such as parks, public roads and the beach. As coming to a new home can be a stressful event we usually advise waiting for puppies to settle in their new home for a couple of days before bringing them in for vaccination.

We advise you treat your pets regularly to prevent fleas becoming established in your home and on your animals. They have different requirements than adult dogs and so should be fed a good quality, balanced puppy food up to the age of 8-12months (depending on their breed and adult size). Most puppies will need three meals a day till 6 months old, which can later be reduced to one or two meals. This means that x-rays have been taken and analysed to see if the parents have good joints and so are less likely to pass on joint problems to their puppies. Many puppy diets will advise that large breed dogs change to a ‘junior’ food at around 6months to prevent excessive growth rate.

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