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Not knowing much then about raising a dog, I put down some newspaper for her, water, and some puppy food. Upstairs, I distracted myself by reading books about puppies, and for a moment I forgot about my new dog. Suddenly, I remembered the puppy with a horrible feeling that something might have happened to her, or that she had suddenly disappeared. This is your first night with puppy, but if you think you are the only nervous one, think again. Cake Topper - commission a unique and personalised addition to your cake with a sugar crafted cake decoration of your pup.
All that space without their littermates can be a very big and scary place to a puppy.  Crates offer quiet sanctuary.
Make puppy's crate as comfy as possible with one of our supersoft dog beds and some of our cosy bedding and place it just outside your bedroom door.

Place something with the familiar scent of his mother in his crate if possible, as puppy experiences the world with his nose.  Our blankets are also great for having something to include with the scent of your puppy's new family members on to help him get used to you. Wait until your puppy is in a relaxed state before closing  the door of the crate.  A blanket placed over the top to three sides will make it extra den-like and cosy. Your puppy is likely to whine as it is possibly their first night on their own and in unfamiliar surroundings, so it is natural for them to be a little upset. Resist the temptation to go to the puppy or take it out of the crate.  Give it chance to 'self soothe'.
So you’ve picked your puppy from the litter and now you have the joy of bringing it home to meet the family. The first country to put into practice microchipping was Denmark, they made it compulsory to have all puppies microchipped before they left their mothers at the age of 8 weeks old.
Like most mammals, puppies are born without teeth, as it is not necessary to have them during the suckling stage of their lives.

During this time of a dog’s life it is important to remember that like human babies, teething for puppies can be just as painful so you may expect the odd bit of nibbling amongst your furniture and possessions. You’ve stocked up on puppy food, toys and a brand spanking new cosy bed for it to sleep in, booked the vet for its shots and bought your pet insurance policy.
Most people may regard this as bad or unruly behaviour but it is merely your puppy trying to aide his teeth along their painful process. If you are worried about your favourite slippers getting chewed up during this time period, you will be glad to know that there are a variety of dog toys available online especially for this purpose; to help aide your puppies teeth along and divert his attention from your brand new sofa. Her fur was still in its puppy stage: light gold everywhere, except for her stomach, which was white.

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