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As Cesars Way explains, “The process of housebreaking often brings on feelings of nervousness and worry, but the process does not have to be stressful—for you or the puppy. Any puppy can make a mistake, but if the issue is a continuous one, it might help to find out why. If you feel that this would be a good method for you and your puppy, you can teach your puppy to ring a bell anytime he or she has to go potty. One of the best ways to help your puppy learn to be on a schedule for potty training is for you to keep them on a consistent feeding schedule. Artificial turf is a great way of potty training your puppy if you live in an apartment or high rise, where it is not convenient for them to go outside often. She was totally trained to go potty outdoors but when she needed to she would just go sit in front of the door and wait for someone to notice her.
The truth is this is a situation in which you have Mother Nature working with you right from the start while puppy training.

According to experts, between 12 and 16 weeks is a good time to begin potty training your puppy. Do this by taking the puppy’s paw and ringing the bell each time you take the puppy out. Feed the puppy at the same time every day and remove the food once he or she has finished eating. When the puppies are first born, they eat and they relieve themselves inside the den, but the mother always cleans them. The longer you wait to train, the longer training it can take because the puppy may have already learned bad habits.You should not start before the age of 12 weeks, however, since the puppy does not yet have full control over their bowels and bladder. He or she will learn to associate the ring with going to potty, and will ring the bell when he or she has to go.
Take the puppy over the the turf each time he or she needs to go potty, and they will learn to use the turf.

If we had trained her to use the bell she wouldn’t have ever had to wait to go out or to come back in.
From two to four months of age, most pups pick up on the concept of housebreaking and crate training quite easily since it is part of their natural programming.
Regardless of how simple this may sound, you can always use a little help when potty training your puppy.

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