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The Yorkshire terrier -- or Yorkie -- is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States because of its loyal, lively disposition. It can take up to six months to fully house-train a Yorkie, though you may see progress within a week or two.
Yorkies are prone to suffer from separation anxiety, which can increase their likelihood of having accidents in the house. Housebreaking must begin early, and you must be patient and consistent while training a Yorkie to.

With consistency and plenty of encouragement, you can potty-train even the stubbornest of dogs.
Both puppies and adult dogs should go outside after waking up, before bed, after eating or drinking, and after play sessions. How to train a Yorkie puppy potty training is actually similar to training it do accomplish other tasks, as you will use praise and treats to educate your terrier.
Puppies can usually tolerate two to three hours in a crate, while adult dogs can stay in a crate for six to eight hours.

Our site has everything you’ll need to know about how professional dog trainers recommend potty trianing a. Yorkshire Terrier owners can benefit from crate training to exercise more control over their.

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