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No matter if your new dog is a puppy, or an adult, a change in a dog’s environment will require you to reinforce those potty training skills.We present key concepts to follow that will ensure successful training for your new Rescued Dog. Mission StatementThe Rescued Dog is a non-profit 501(c)3, all-breed dog rescue in San Diego, CA.
Depending on your dog, your family and your lifestyle, house training a dog can be anywhere from easy to almost impossible. Wire crate: Get a good quality wire crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up, lie down and turn around in. If you live in a small space, such as a high rise apartment, you might need to use a dog litter tray in your apartment. If your dog looks like he needs to relieve himself, take him out to his designated spot right away. You might consider tethering your dog to your waist with a leash when he is out of his crate.
If you catch your dog in the middle of an accident, make a loud noise or clap to startle him.
If house training is not working for your dog, you may need to identify issues that are preventing him from being housebroken. This version of How to House Train Your Dog in Ten Days was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on June 19, 2015. Timing: If crate training a dog, it is important to know how long that dog can be left alone without an accident. Crate Training: When your puppy needs to stay home alone, crate training is an invaluable tool that reinforces house training.
House Privileges: When beginning to house train your dog, it is important that the dog owner understands that access to the house is a privilege, not a right.
Positive Reinforcement: Although corrections are important when you catch your dog having an accident, providing your dog with positive reinforcement when your dog relieves itself in the proper area is just as important.

Dogs cannot associate a correction with an action that occurred in the past.  Instead, use positive reinforcement when your dog successfully relieves itself outside.
We consist of a network of fosters and volunteers dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need throughout California and Mexico. It can work to house train your dog quickly so that you can move past this difficult stage of owning a dog. Before you start your house training plan, you need to ensure that your home is free from urine stains and residual odors. Having your supplies on hand will make it easier for you to focus on house training your dog without needing to run to the store. In order to get your dog house trained in 10 days, you need to follow a strict schedule of potty breaks, meals, play time, and crate confinement. Otherwise, your dog will associate this place with fear or anxiety rather than safety and comfort.
For instance, certain medical conditions make house training difficult.[10] Check with your vet if you have concerns about your dog.
Because dogs are derived from den-dwelling animals, a crate can become a substitute for a den (i.e.
Start by letting your new dog into one room, where you can constantly monitor your dog’s behavior. We are committed to placing dogs in loving, forever homes and educating adopters on the responsibilities of dog ownership.
It takes planning, dedication and patience, but your dog can get house trained in a short amount of time. It is important to make sure that your dog actually goes potty when you let him or her out. Once you see that your dog has successfully gone, then allow your dog back inside the house. Through this positive reinforcement, one can also train one’s dog to relieve itself on command.

The Rescued Dog strives to work with local area shelters and other rescue groups to create a better world for homeless pets. Your dog needs to go out first thing in the morning, after meals and play times, and before bedtime.
A crate is a good place for the dog to feel safe.[2] Make the crate comfortable, with a blanket, chew toys and squeaky toys. For any puppy or adult dog in a new environment, begin with taking the dog out every 2 hours and continually build from there. Most dogs will not alleviate themselves where they rest, thus making crate training a perfect way to reinforce house training. Due to scent cues, dogs typically alleviate themselves where they or other dogs have gone before, making it very important to properly clean up an accident. Your journal will help you determine how long after eating and drinking your dog typically needs to relieve himself.
Any larger, and the dog could alleviate himself in the corner of the crate, and sleep at the other end. If you do catch your dog having an accident, carry the dog outside immediately and let him or her finish going outside. Most larger crates come with a divider that allows you to partition the crate, allowing the crate size to grow with the puppy.
During the early stages of potty training, look for signs that your dog needs to go to the bathroom. Once you can trust that your dog can hold it 2-3 hours, and you are consistent with taking him or her out, allow your dog more access to the house.

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