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McQueen said a very small amount of illegal drugs were hidden on one of the juveniles to show how the dogs can find even the smallest trace of an illegal substance. Dog handler, Ray Walters, issued a report that described the event that resulted in his dog attacking the 5th grader’s leg. To help Police State USA maintain this website and continue to produce quality articles, show your support with a good will offering. When a police dog inflicts injury on another person, filing a claim and seeking financial compensation may be difficult, particularly if the dog was acting in the line of duty. Contact a New Jersey police dog bite lawyer at our firm to schedule a free consultation regarding your particular case.

After a soccer game between Skive and FCK in Denmark a bunch of supporters were suddenly attacked by aggressive police dogs after doing nothing. The Copenhagen police encouraged the dogs to attack and bite them, but they say that their dogs went crazy and that they couldn’t stop them. Vincent Clay Hospital for puncture wounds on his leg from where the police K-9’s fangs had ripped his skin open.
This is why it is crucial to involve a lawyer if you or someone you know is attacked by a police dog that was on or off duty. One of the supporters says to the local news that he doesn’t understand why they attacked him and knocked him over, as well as some of his supporter friends.

A police dog may cause injury to a person while apprehending a suspect or protecting a police officer or civilian from harm. The police said they were sorry for the incident, but injured supporters think it’s all a lie just to avoid guilt. However, at times an officer will misuse a police dog or an off duty dog will injure someone, and in these situations the victim may be able to seek financial compensation for his or her injuries.

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