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Behavioral changes are the first signs of a sick dog.In the lifetime of a dog, it is not uncommon for a dog to develop an illness and because dogs cannot verbally express this, it is therefore very important for dog owners to know how to detect symptoms of dog illnesses. There are quite a variety of symptoms and signs that dogs give off when they are unwell and they do so either consciously or unconsciously and this article will identify some of these dog illnesses symptoms. While it is not exactly strange that a dog may sometimes show a lack of interest in food, if this unwillingness persist for about 2 days or more then it may be a sign of that the dog is sick.
The underlying causes of vomiting may be difficult to diagnose so you should pay closer attention to see if there are other symptoms that may be helpful in diagnosing the cause of the vomiting. These symptoms may be an indication of respiratory related health problems; a coughing dog particularly when it is persistent may be showing signs of lungs or heart disease and if the coughing is accompanied by phlegm or mucus then the dog should be check for pneumonia.
Respiratory allergies are usually the cause of dog sneezing besides the occasional sneezing which is pretty fine. There are a number of possible causes of diarrhea in dogs, most of which indicate some form of dog illnesses such as a viral or bacterial infection, food intolerance or a change in diet, allergy or parasites such as ringworm, reaction to a medication; more serious causes of diarrhea are liver, cancer or kidney disease. If your dog is sleeping more than normal after you started giving her a new medication then you should visit the vet however there are other possible causes of excessive sleeping which may be indicative of dog illnesses symptoms. While the foregoing has listed some of the very common dog illnesses symptoms that are readily seen in most sick dogs, this section will identify dog illnesses symptoms by bodily parts.
Skin allergies in dogs could be easily noticed when the dog is doing a lot of scratching and itching, which may result in open cuts and loss of hair on the dog. Cassandra then asked to be referred to a veterinary dermatologist.  Being in the veterinary field, Cassandra knew how difficult allergies could be for dogs and their owners and she wanted to get Clayton on the right treatment as soon as possible.
My pit mix has has severe all season allergies since he was 2 or 3 years old and he is now 8. The Best Dog Allergy Shampoo!This has been amazing shampoo for our dog's allergies and doesn't dry her skin!

Every healthy dog loves to eat but if you start noticing that your dog is showing less and less interest in food then this may be sure red flag that your beloved canine friend may be unwell. Other symptoms to look at for in addition to blood in the vomit are weight loss, an increase or a drop in water intake and urination, lethargy and diarrhea. But if you observe that your dog tends to sneeze a lot at certain period of the year then it may be due to some seasonal allergy such as pollen or plant that the dog is reacting to.
Common causes include nasal blockage, allergies such as spores and pollen, nose bleeding and awful nasal odor are indications of viral, fungal or bacterial infection, sticky yellowish discharges caused by distemper (serious viral disease) or nasal tumor. Bloat is a dangerous condition in which the stomach is filled with fluid, gas or food resulting in the expansion of the stomach which may then result in extra pressure on other organs.
And right now we r feeding them purina dog chow, the best cheap dog food we can find, I can't afford stuff like blue buffalo.
For a while, Cassandra also had Clayton on Atopica, a drug designed for dog allergies, but it was also not effective in treating his condition. We have found the perfect balance of medications, as well as a diet (Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach) that he is not allergic to and he’s been doing amazingly. Her food and medication is very expensive and my husband is mentioning having to give her up because we can hardly afford it. When the steroids and Atopica did not help, they started Clayton on a food elimination program to try to identify which foods he may be allergic to. They found he was allergic to 70 of the 75 allergens, the top three being human dander, wool, and cat dander. It is likely that Cassandra will always have to treat Clayton’s allergies, but through her efforts, she is giving him a much more comfortable quality of life.
I find the better quality of food you feed they eat less as well so what you see him eating on the crap food he most likely wont eat that much of a higher grade food.

They eventually found that Clayton was allergic to chicken, turkey, duck, beef, rabbit and fish.
Since Clayton and many other dogs are allergic to beef, they can have allergic reactions when they digest gelatin. She’s allergic to 3 types of grass, 6 types of weeds, 5 types of trees, 4 fungi, cat hair, pork, sweet and white potato and house flies. After trying different brands of food, Cassandra eventually found that Nutro’s limited ingredient Venison Meal and Brown Rice food worked. If a medication is provided in a gelatin capsule, she first opens the capsule and sprinkles the powder on Clayton’s food. Because her dogs sleep in her bed, Cassandra uses a special allergen detergent to wash her bedding. I got her in to the vet and have her on the shots that are supposed to help her get a little more resistant to her allergens. Benadryl, Zyrtec and other human medications used to treat dog allergies can be purchased much cheaper at these stores. He still has trouble digesting his food (I find whole chunks of potato in his stool) but maybe down the road when I have more money (currently dealing with a health issue with my other dog) I’ll address his digestion. She takes antihistamines twice a day and thyroid meds and I add 1teaspoon of coconut oil to her food every day plus digestive enzymes and probiotics.

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