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If you suffer from fear, anxiety and trepidation around dogs, maybe don’t live with four pit bulls. At the time of the attack, Plaintiffs’ dogs attempted to protect Plaintiff and repel the unprovoked attack. Since the incident, White’s four dogs have been declared dangerous dogs by the city of Texas City.

Plaintiff’s dogs then chased Defendants’ dog back through the fence onto Defendant’s property.
The owners must post a sign in their yard alerting residents of their dangerous dogs and the owners must also have a $100,000 liability on the dogs, police have said. Her dogs killed another dog, got officially declared a danger by the city, and the aggrieved owner isn’t going to parade this in front of a jury of dog lovers.

When Plaintiff entered Defendants’ property to retrieve her dogs, Plaintiff was unexpectedly and viciously attacked by Defendants’ dog.

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