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In This Video You Will Find Some Of The Shortest And Widest Bullies Around With Lots Of  Interviews With Different Kennels and Owners Of this Awesome Breed.
AVAILABLE PUPPIES For Sale breedings, see our breedings and puppy time pages for details, BLUE PUPPIES AVAILABLE "pitbulls" living in the house with us and all are a joy to own and have with us.
WE BREED BLUE AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIERS (APBT) OUR GOAL IS TO PRODUCE VERY CLEAN ATHLETIC PITBULLS THAT HAVE VERY BIG HEADS, WIDE CHEST, STRONG REARS WITH A GREAT TEMPERMENT. The most loyal breed of dog on the planet selectively bred for tremendous athletic ability with protective qualities and an outstanding willingness to please. THE BULLY HOUSE PITBULL KENNEL TAKES GREAT PRIDE IN OUR PITBULLS, AND WE GO TO GREAT LENGTH TO MAKE SURE OUR PITS ARE VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF.WE DO NOT FIGHT OUR PITBULLS, OS DO WE CONDONE PIT BULL FIGHTING. It's a documented fact that pound for pound the American Pitbull Terrier For Sale is the strongest and most athletic breed of dog in the world.
With thick overbearing females that surpass most kennels males, our mission is to produce the ultimate American Pitbull Terrier. It is a list of dishonest pitbull breeders and a place where people that get ripped off can post their experiences and warn others about that breeder. The bad breeders list is a service of the Rocky Mountain Pitbull shop and is not affiliated with Mugleston's Pitbull Farm.
Buy the top Pitbull bloodlines in the world with complete confidence at The Bully House Pitbull Farm.

Here at The Bully House Pitbull Kennel we do not stretch or alter any of our pitbull For Sale pictures in any way. All of our pitbulls For Sale pictures were taken with a 35mm camera and are original and unaltered.
Name your puppy, 2000 dog names in alphabetical order Just about anything and everything you could ever want to know about your dog in an alphabetized list of hundreds of topics.
We believe altering or stretching pitbull pictures is a very dishonest and fraudulent practice and amounts to false advertising. Here at The Bully House Pitbull Farm we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we never have and never will stretch or alter any of our pitbulls pictures in any way. At The Bully House Pitbull Kennel what you see is what you get and visitors are welcome anytime. By entering our APBT website you agree to refrain from copying or using any of the pictures of pitbulls or information contained herein without express written permission from the site .
Buy with complete confidence at The Bully House Pitbull Kennels Deposits and any payments sent are non refundable but may be freely transferred to any other puppy, litter or adult dog for sale here at The Bully House pitbull farm at any time, now or in the future. We love our dogs and do most of our breedings for ourselves as we are always striving to improve our bloodlines.
Pitbull Farm "American Pitbull Terrier" "Pitbulls" or "Pit Bulls" is a high quality "pit bull kennels" specializing in the shortwide "American Pitbull Terrier".

We have been breeding pit bulls for 10 years now and occasionally have puppies and adult dogs for sale.
We love our "Pitbulls" or "American Staffordshire Terriers" and "blue pitbulls" in particular. Here at The Bully House we have been breeding the "American Pitbull Terrier" or "American Staffordshire Terrier" also known as "pitbulls" or "pit bulls" at our "pit bull kennels" for structure and personality since 1993. We have been breeding "Blue pitbulls" or "American Staffordshire Terriers" here at our country "pitbull kennels" since 1998.
All of our "American Pitbull Terrier" and "Blue Pitbulls" are UKC registered and all our "pitbulls" or "Pit bulls" puppies come with complete UKC "Pitbulls" registration. We believe we have some of the best "pit bulls" bloodlines in the world here at our country "Pit bull kennels" and we will continue to improve our "blue pitbulls" dog bloodlines as well as our other "pitbulls" dog bloodlines for years to come.

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