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A dozen "pit bull"-type dogs -- some in colorful sweaters or jackets to ward off the chill on Wednesday -- and their owners thanked Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle for her efforts in saving them. Currently, some of the "pit bull"-type dogs that arrive at the pound are transferred to the Toledo Area Humane Society. The Pit Crew is a program that supports protection and guardianship of "pit bull"-type dogs in the community through such methods as education, training assistance, spaying and neutering, and adoption.
Even with the transfers, though, the pound still puts down many "pit bulls" because of lack of space. Next year, should Ohio House Bill 14 -- which would remove "pit bulls" from the dangerous dog designation -- become law, the county pound might begin adopting "pit bull"-type dogs directly to the public.

Under former Dog Warden Tom Skeldon, they would have been killed simply because they are judged to be "pit bull"-type dogs.
One of the dogs on hand at the event was tan-colored Lucas, one of the first "pit bull"-type puppies transferred from the pound. Lucas, who enjoys going to "doggy day care" to socialize with other dogs while his owners are at work, disproves the common belief that "pit bull"-type dogs don't get along with other dogs. Dogs that are fostered by the Lucas County Pit Crew tend to be some of the most well-socialized dogs, said Pit Crew co-founder Michelle Lawrence. Lyle with a bench signed by many of the families who have adopted the roughly 60 "pit bull"-type dogs that Ms.

Some of the dogs go up for adoption directly through the humane society, and others go into foster homes with the Lucas County Pit Crew to await new homes.
27 and 28 alone, 11 "pit bull" and "pit bull" mixes were destroyed because the pound was at capacity for "pit bull"-type dogs.

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