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We offer fun, humane, affordable dog training in your home throughout Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. We also offer dog training at our brand new dog boarding and training facility in lovely Manteno, Illinois.
Our dog training field trips provide small group training and socialization in real-world settings in the Chicago suburban area. In home dog training in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs is the perfect choice, whether you have one dog or more, for private lessons that teach you and your dog new skills for better manners and obedience.

Dog training field trips in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs provide fun socialization and real-world dog training practice for pets and their people.
We offer affordable, fun, reward-based basic dog training through several south suburban Chicago park districts. Dogs learn to repeat wanted behaviors through the help of their handlers, who are taught to apply positive reinforcement dog training based on learning theory, without force or punishment.
We also offer dog training and pet care services in our clients' homes throughout Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.

We also offer phone consultations for people with dog behavior problems and dog training questions from all over the world.

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