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Below are lists you will need in making your decision on what is really a pet friendly lawn fertilizer. What the UN- safe for pets lawn fertilizers will do to your pets, your children, your wildlife and your family’s vegetable garden.
A list of the AGGRAND Natural and Organic Fertilizers that have only truly natural, liquefied ingredients. ABOUT PET SAFETY – Read between the lines in warnings from chemical lawn fertilizers.

When the manufacturer states online that this is not the product label but after you order their product that is supposedly pet safe, you must always read and follow the product label before use. The Emergency Animal Center instructs that non-herbicidal fertilizers and fertilizer pellets can cause skin irritation and illness to certain species of birds, including pet parrots which are often allowed in yard cages.
As you see, when considering pet friendly lawns and gardens, there are more than the fertilizers to change.
The full list of AGGRAND LIQUID FERTILIZERS and what they are used for and the ingredients included in each one.

Lifetime Farmer – Fertilizer results are that he had never Experienced such corn growth.

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