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Chip Lange, GM of the Hasbro division, announced today at EA’s E3 press briefing that the world of Littlest Pet Shop would be coming to life this fall. For little girls that spent hours playing with their Littlest Pet Shop figurines, working diligently every birthday and holiday to add to their collection, the new online version of this childhood favorite is sure to please.
Nostalgia sets in right at the registration process, where users can create their own personalized animal avatar before moving on to play a variety of fun, age-appropriate games. The site allows users to add their physical collection to the virtual world, including any past items as well as new ones, each of which comes with a product code that you can enter onto Littlest Pet Shop Online. With every addition to your collection, you get to unlock amazing apps, games, and other products. Those popular big-eyed, bobble-headed miniature toy pets for girls, Littlest Pet Shop, are back in a big way in a game on the Nintendo DS.
In Biggest Stars, help your pets practice and try out for the team by playing touch screen based challenge. With so many mini-games and things to do, your Littlest Pet Shop fan won’t get bored quickly with this game. But if you just want to get a quality DS title, my recommendations include Kirby Super Star Ultra (or any Kirby game, really), or The Legendary Starfy. Featuring plush dolls with codes, similar to WebKinz, that can be input on the website for rewards and pet items, the game is full of customization and minigames the pets can play.

Girls still playing with the latest toys or even those who’ve grown out of childhood paraphernalia yet are still eager to revisit childhood favorites will love Littlest Pet Shop Online! In the third installment, Biggest Stars, help your favorite pets practice and try out for the Biggest Stars teams, as well as collect ingredients to make cool fashions and yummy treats for your Littlest Pet Shop critters. Use these materials at the boutique and bakery to make fabric colors and yummy treats for your pets. She has just purchased the LPS Blue Team game for her DSi and is wondering why she keeps losing pets. Combining real toys and the virtual world, Littlest Pet Shop is fantastic for girls of any age who are just looking to have fun! The DS game comes in three different flavors: Blue Team, Pink Team, and Purple Team (Blue reviewed here).
Tap the paws in time with the beat in a dancing game, and tap camera flashes for points as your kitty walks down the catwalk. After combining the ingredients in a mixing mini-game, take your pet to the park to feed it treats, play fetch, and brush its fur.
If you have a nearby friend with a DS and a copy of the game, you can play the mini-games together. Small gamers shouldn’t have any trouble with the lighter difficulty, and while there are picture cues to tell you where to go and what to do, reading skill is still necessary for all the text.

She is a capable reader and is following the prompts, but after collecting several pets, she has lost some of them and has no idea how she lost them or how to get them back. As other pets, you’ll play dress up, jump hurdles, and fly through rings of clouds and more. You’ll want to keep your pet well-fed and happy, because you’ll get bonus points in the mini-games if you do! And if you go to the Littlest Pet Shop Web site, you can use codes to unlock even more goodies in the game and online. There are lots of good messages and lessons in the game about practice, teamwork, and encouraging your friends. And for a limited time, if you get the game at Toys R Us, it comes with two special real life toys exclusive to the DS.

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