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Due to the high-visibility of the reflective personalized dog collar, it is perfect for those who enjoy evening walks or jogging with their canine companion. These striking collars are made in the USA and carry embroidered personalized information, such as your dog’s name and your phone number etc. To ensure that the collar is comfortable and attractive, it is created with a 2-ply design, which means there are no visible threads on the inside of the collar. To ensure that each collar is perfect for each dog, customers can choose from a range of colored collars and a selection of colored thread.

Including punctuation, personalized text may be up to 18 characters for size small & medium and 21 characters for size large and x-large collars. If your pet’s name and your 10-digit phone number will not fit onto the collar, consider just your phone number or your pet’s name with your 7-digit phone number (especially if you live in an area with a single area code).
Because these details are stitched into the collar, there is no danger of this important information rubbing off or fading over time.
The exterior is made from a grosgrain ribbon material with a 3mm Scothlite reflective ribbon and the interior is made from high-density nylon webbing.

A small portion of the nylon webbing that pads the interior of the collar is also visible from the collar’s exterior, directly above and below the reflective ribbon.

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