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From the Walmart price match policy, you can price match a BOGO sale when it lists a specific price!
Pedigree Mixed Selection in Jelly - 12 Cans for price of 10 (Each Can: 385g)Pedigree Mixed Selection in Jelly is a complete pet food for adult dogs which can be fed on its own or with an equal volume of Pedigree Complete dry food.
Here at Millbry Hill we have a fantastic choice of Pedigree dog food for you to buy for mans best friend.
From dry to wet dog food and treats and snacks galore, Pedigree really know how to offer you a full collection of food made for dogs. We are confident that you will be impressed by the wide selection of Pedigree dog food we have to offer at Millbry Hill.

Years of experience has helped develop good honest food for your dog no matter what its needs may be. These include Chudleys and Royal Canin, who not only make food for dogs but offer cat food and options for small animals. From the time and care Pedigree put into understanding dogs at the Pedigree Centre in Waltham, England to the design of the products. The brand has been developing around the world, to provide for the wagging tails that greet us when we get home at night. Keeping their focus firmly on what is best for dogs helps Pedigree create the right foods, snacks and treats, and makes a strong connection with the dog lovers who purchase them.

Bag (Pack of 1)From Pedigree Pedigree 22oz Cans Wet Dog Food 32.99 PEDIGREE 22 oz.

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