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Puppies have to go to the toilet a lot more often than adult dogs so make frequent trips outside.
Also, when going outdoors, go to a particular area of your garden and wait for the puppy to do his "business" before playing in other spots. The crate should be large enough for the puppy to turn around in, but not so large that it can make a separate spot in a corner to do its business.10. It\'s difficult for your dog to understand what you want from them when you use this type of general terminology. For example, if you\'ve had a bad day at the office and start introducing your puppy to loud noises, the pup may easily interpret the stress emanating from you to mean that loud equates to scary.

Make sure you congratulate your puppy and praise him for doing good but correct him when he messes up.
Forcing your dog into a situation they aren\'t comfortable with can lead to fearful aggression, growling and even serious attacks.16.
You may have to say and do something consistently for a very long time before your puppy catches on.17.
Make sure the training is fun for the puppy and he will learn faster and will be more eager to please. If one person allows the dog on the sofa and another reprimands the animal for this behaviour you will confuse the dog and can even teach him to manipulate and take advantage of certain family members.19.

Digging up weeds from your flower bed may be a chore for you but your puppy may find it\'s a great way to learn about digging holes.20. It is normal for your puppy to lose his appetite or experience digestive upset occasionally.

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