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We at Pedigree Dogs would like to thank Bryan & Hazel Aherne of Ritetype Akitas for the following piece, which show cases their kennel and highlights their commitment to their breed. Nearly six years on and our show team now consist of four dogs all active in the show ring. We enjoy promoting this loyal breed and are proud to be founding members of the Akita Association of Ireland. Through our regular posts on the blog, and by policing the classified section we try and eliminate some of the unfortunate risks that potential puppy owners are faced with when starting on the road to becoming a life long owner of a pedigree dog.
Ads must be accompanied by a photo that promotes responsible dog ownership, showing dogs of good health, and kept in suitable conditions, with no exaggerated text.
Our aim is to stay true to the breed standard and we strive for type, temperament and health, thus ensuring the breed characteristics of the American Akita is preserved. We are very proud of our dogs and to date have had a very successful time in the show ring, with this current year being our most fruitful.
The American Akitas origins are that of the Japanese Akita Inu and derive from Northern Japan, however they are now two distinctive breeds each recognised separately by the FCI.

Well-bred, balanced and healthy Akitas have wonderful temperaments with people and children, however it should be noted that same sex Akita’s will not live together in harmony and many will not accept other dogs as companions. it’s Irelands # 1 online classifieds for buying or selling your Pedigree Dog.
We feel health testing is a priority in order to promote the breed in a positive way, and a necessity to move this relatively new breed forward.
The Akita Association of Ireland was founded in February 2011 with an open invitation to all show kennels interested in promoting their breed and having advocacy for the breed. In 2006, knowing Kane was nearing his final months; we began our search for another male Akita. When we embarked onto the show scene, we were also very fortunate to have contacted Chris McLean of Melodor Akitas whose on-going support, knowledge & guidance over the years has been invaluable and much appreciated. The Akita Association is the only affiliated IKC Akita breed club in Ireland and we are pleased to say that the support for the Association has been over-whelming this year.
Please feel free to visit our Web site for more information on the American Akita breed standard and to view our dogs and their show wins.

We hope you have the time to visit the fore-mentioned websites and gain a deeper knowledge of this exceptional breed, as it is impossible to condense and convey the vast amount of information relating to the American Akita. Visit Akita Association Of Ireland for more information on the history and origins of the American Akita Breed and the work of the Association. We are deeply honoured to have been approached by pedigree dogs to write this article and we hope our dedication and passion for the breed has shone through. Although we had never exhibited before we felt if showing wasn’t for us, we would then still have a quality family pet.

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