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Viral Facebook message claims that a person's dogs died after eating Pedigree Dry Dog Food.
IF THERE IS A CHEMIST WHO CAN HELP, I HAVE THIS BAG OF PEDIGREE DOG FOOD THAT KILLED MY DOGS, AND NEED TO KNOW WHAT POISON WAS IN THERE. This warning, which is currently circulating rapidly via Facebook, claims that a person's dogs died after eating Pedigree brand dry dog food. That said, it should be noted that a number of consumers have reported concerns about Pedigree products, citing cases in which dogs have become ill while eating Pedigree dog food.

Pedigree has posted a notice stating that they are investigating the issue and maintains that their products are safe and meet stringent standards. Nor does it appear that the owner attempted to seek a professional opinion as to why the dogs died before posting the message.
Instead, she asked via Facebook if there is a chemist that could check the food for her based on the assumption that the food contained poison. But, perhaps the dog owner should have called her vet before she considered hiring an attorney.

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