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If you are a dog lover and you are looking to start a new career, then dog grooming could be the perfect career choice for you. The Animal Grooming Online Course is one of the many dog grooming courses that you might like to try. Regardless of whether you are a dog groomer or a pet owner looking to do your own grooming at home, then you can find lots of tips throughout this site. Here you can access all the tools & equipment that you would need to operate as a dog groomer as well as the tools that you would need to groom your dog at home.
Whether you are a professional groomer or a pet owner grooming at home, there will be a need to master cuts that suit the particular breed(s) in question.

As an introduction to this site, here is a very good dog grooming video that gives you some really useful pointers on clipping your dog.  The demonstrators show you how to hold your dog while using, in this case, your Wahl dog clippers. If you would like to jump straight into what is currently on offer with respect to training for dog grooming, I have included a courses catalog that you might like to read.
If you are looking for some generic help on how to groom a dog check out our grooming help section with tips. Enjoy the site and I look forward to chatting with you in the comment section beneath each dog grooming post. Whilst it includes grooming of other animals, it does have many sections devoted specifically to dog grooming.

If you have already taken one of these courses, then I would love to hear your feedback as well. So if you can see yourself as a dog groomer then resources on this site could be just what you are looking for.

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