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F1b hybrid Old Anglican Bulldogge puppy at 6 days old—his father was an F1 generation Old Anglican Bulldogge (Nelson) and his mother a purebred Pit Bull.
Bully, a fawn F1b hybrid Old Anglican Bulldogge puppy at 5 months old—his father was an F1 generation Old Anglican Bulldogge (Nelson) and his mother a purebred Pit Bull. Dolce and Rosie are 50% American Bluenose Pitbull Terrier mixed with 50% Olde English Bulldogge (Olde Pit Bulldogges). The Olde English Bulldogge is a muscular, medium sized dog of great strength, stability and athleticism. Olde English Bulldogges are docile, but capable and protective, fearless and athletic, fierce-looking, determined and courageous, bold and friendly around their family and friends, but fearless adversaries to anyone who threatens their masters or property. Some lines of the Olde English Bulldogge (OEB) renamed their dogs in 2005 to the Leavitt Bulldog to separate their dogs from some of the other OEB lines that did not meet their standards.

In 1971 he became disenchanted with English Bulldogs due to their breeding and breathing problems.
Breeders are working hard to keep it out of the Olde English Bulldogge; therefore, no dog with bad hips is bred.
These dogs are naturally slow, and because of their unique structure, they should not be encouraged to jump or engage in strenuous exercise as young pups. David's goal was to produce a dog with the looks of the 18th century bulldog, with the temperament of today's English Bulldogs, yet healthy, without breathing problems, or all the other aliments today's English Bulldogs are prone to. Olde English Bulldogges are so eager to please that they may overexert themselves in an effort to do whatever is asked of them.
An owner who displays a natural authority toward the dog, socialization and obedience training  are important.

The skull is large but well-proportioned to the dog’s muscular body and prominent shoulders. Because a dog communicates his displeasure with growling and eventually biting, all other humans MUST be higher up in the order than the dog. David Leavitt is breeding them to more of a working lines type dog, while OEBKC is breeding the dogs as more of a family oriented dog.
A line drawn from the upper (front) point of the pelvis, perpendicular to the ground, should pass through the knee (the two preceding tests of good angulation must be performed with the dog’s hocks set perpendicular to the ground).

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